The Ultimate Tor2door Market Buyer's Guide

This is a complete user guide for an effective and efficient market navigation.


You first need to secure a verified non phishing market mirror, to secure your access to the marketplace. Where to find these mirriors could be quite challenging especially for newcomers. For the acquisition of verified market mirrors, your number one go to must be There you will always find yourself a working mirror when all other mirrors on other link aggregators do not load properly.


With your verified mirror loaded within your Tor browser. Select your preferred language at the page bottom. We currently feature ENGLISH, GERMAN & SPANISH. Login with your credentials if you already have an account or click on "create account" if you do not have an account yet. Make sure to save all necessary account details which includes "PIN" for withdrawal & order placement, also "MNEMONIC" for account recovery.

INSIDE Tor2door Market

Once logged in, you will notice a beautifully yet simple homepage with products Categories, Featured Vendors & Products, and an Extensive & Quick search bar where you can search for your favourite vendors and products.


Before you can purchase any product, you need to have enough balance in your account. Below is how to securely make a BTC/XMR deposit into your market wallet.   

1.     Hover your cursor on "WALLET" at the top nav bar.   

 2.     Select BTC if you wish to make a bitcoin deposit or XMR if you wish to make a monero deposit. A deposite page with a generated address will appear.   

 4.     Make deposit after you have verified the address. Your account balance will be credited with the amount deposited once the transaction has at least 1 network confirmation.

NOTE: If you’re finding it difficult to verify the deposit address against our public key, just make sure you’re on one of these urls before making a deposit:


Now that you have enough balance, you can now securely proceed to make any purchase of your choice. First, you need to find the products you require, you can achieve this by using our extensive search bar or simply accessing them via the product categories on your left. Secondly, select the product(s) you need and add them to cart. Note that different products from differnt vendors can all be added to cart and checked out at once. Once done adding products to cart, click on ”MYCART" to review the purchase summary and make any necessary changes and editing like updating product quantity or deleting a product. After you are satisfied with your cart, click "CHECKOUT", input your PIN if required and click on "CONFIRM" to complete your order. When you arrive at the order confirmation page where you have to choose a coin(BTC/XMR) for payment, the system will automatically select the coin with sufficient balance to cover the amount due to pay. If you have sufficient balance in both BTC and XMR, the system will offer you the option to select one coin for payment. And if you do not have sufficient balance in both coins, the system will prompt you to add funds. Once everything goes well it will return a "success" message. Congratulations you just completed your first order on tor2door market.


To be able to make multisignature escrow purchases, you need to first setup "MULTISIG" in your Tor2door Market profile.   

  1.    Hover on your avatar at the top right corner of the homepage.     
  2.    Select "EDIT PROFILE'. 
  3.     On the next page select "BTC MULTISIG SETTINGS". 
  4.    You can now choose any multisig wallet of your choice for this exercise. In this scenario we choose electrum wallet.  
  5.     Launch your electrum standard wallet and choose an address you want to use for this market (add a label). 
  6.   Right click on the address and copy the public key.     
  7.     Paste the public key in the provided field in your multisig settings on the market.
  8.   Copy the corresponding address in electrum and paste in the address field in your multisig settings.     
  9.   Save the changes and congratulations!! you can now make multisig purchase.

NOTE: Be sure to securely backup the private keys of this address as you’ll need it in signing finalized and refunded purchases.
Now let us place a multi-signature order.  

  1.      Search and select a listing that accepts 'MULTISIG PAYMENT".   
  2.      a “Buy With Multisig” button will be displayed alongside the "Add To Cart" button.   
  3.      Select the “Pay With Multisig” option, Enter your shipping information and confirm the order.
  4.      A payment address will be presented to you. Please send the exact amount due to the address(You   got up to 6 hours to make that payment otherwise the trade will expire).
  5.      Once the payment is confirmed, the order is automatically submitted to the vendor for processing.


If for some reason, the vendor couldn't live up to the end of his bargain, you as a buyer reserve the right to dispute the order. Please note that we have a 14 days escrow window for physical products and 48 hours escrow window for digital products. As a buyer, you posses the ability to extend the escrow time twice in 5 days extension each.However, the escrow extention option becomes available on the 9th day prior to the day the order was marked as shipped. Therefore to dispute the order, simply click on order details then select the dispute button. As simple as that. We generally advise buyers to contact sellers via private messages to try and find common grounds before initiating a dispute.


When using multisig or traditional escrow, this simply means that the amount paid for the product is held by the market or by the crytographic keys of the buyer, market and seller until the order is fulfilled by the vendor. Buyers may only finalize the purchase after receiving what they ordered and are satistfied. We implore our buyers to endeavour to report any vendors trying to get them finalize the purchase early without exclusive Finalize Early Permission.


How was your product? Don't worry you can actually express how you felt about it by leaving a feedback on the completed order page. You can equally rate the completed order from 1 to 5 stars depending on your experience.